Revit 2022 and PDF Files

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One of the significant upgrades included in Revit 2022 is PDF Export.

  • Up to the release of Revit 2022, Revit used the print drivers within your computer to produce PDF files. I found the process unpredictable and fraught, especially when using Adobe’s Acrobat software.
  • With every Acrobat update, the print settings are reset to the default. Often there is no obvious indication that the upgrade has occurred and the 400 page plot set would end up in Documents and Settings.
  • The settings may be saved, but they have to be actively reloaded after the Acrobat upgrade.

I run all of my plots into a local system D: drive – this allows me to post process the files using Windows scripts.

Our Acrobat settings are as follows:

I do subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, which I find is good value for the tools provided, but I now use PDF24 as my main PDF processor for Revit for sub Rivet 2022 versions.

So far, for us, it has proved more reliable than Acrobat but I hope the PDF export in Revit 2022 replaces this.

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